Orange County Register: Here's how YouTube channels are helping minorities launch

Many minority entertainers have found that posting videos of their acts on YouTube or on other online video services gives them more opportunity to make a living, or to be recognized by mainstream Hollywood.

Los Angeles Times: I Can't Talk, I'm Watching My Cellphone
TV programs head to an even smaller screen as carriers scramble for mobile clips to air. 

The New York Times: Video Seeks Its 90 Seconds of Fame
According to Fun Little Movies topper Frank Chindamo, "The best amateur videos tend to be 30 to 120 seconds long. Shorter and people don’t feel there’s any value to it. Longer and the attention span drops off.”

The Washington Post: Kevin Spacey And MOFILM Film Festival Highlight Opportunities And Challenges In Mobile Film
Actor Kevin Spacey, who founded the to encourage short-film makers to distribute content through the web, attended Mobile World Congress yesterday to tell the entertainment industry that mobile phones will soon offer a similar opportunity. 

Forbes: Coming Soon to a Tiny Screen Near You

Titans in entertainment and telecom and legions of upstarts are betting billions of dollars that you will want to use your cell phone for TV, music, gaming, gambling, navigation–even Lilliputian porn. Whatever happened to good old-fashioned chitchat?

BBC NEWS: Fun Little Movies is Putting Movies on Mobile

Mainstream movies get their recognition at awards ceremonies such as the Baftas and Oscars and movies for phones are getting their turn at MoFilm - the world's first mobile film festival - where producer Frank Chindamo won the grand prize.

AdWeek: New Syndicated Show Targets App Lovers
The brainchild of mobile-video pioneer Frank Chindamo and the Emmy-winning creators behind the tabloid TV staples A Current Affair and Hard Copy, The Mo Show is a weekly 30-minute syndicated offering reminiscent of G4’s Attack of the Show.

USA TODAY: When the Movie Theater Fits in Your Hand

The challenge is inspiring Hollywood, where A-listers such as small-screen producer Steven Bochco (NYPD Blue) and film star Morgan Freeman have both recently announced partnerships to create material for New Media.

Mashable: Are You Up for a Half-Hour TV Show About Mobile Apps?
With smartphone adoption projected to hit 50% by year’s end, one producer thought it was high time for a TV show about mobile apps.

Variety: Biz Hunts for Internet Dream Stream
While studio and TV execs are eyeing digital distribution of their own product as a potential replacement for revenues threatened by declining coin from home entertainment and syndication, smaller entrepreneurs are betting that original scripted content for the Web can make it to the big time.

Chicago Tribune: Still in its infancy, cell phone cinema preps for a close-up

The film "Cellular" puts a mobile phone at the center of a movie. Coincidentally, directors are trying to put movies into cellular phones.

WIRED Magazine: Hooray For Cellywood

​Frank Chindamo's big break in Hollywood might come on a screen the size of a ravioli.

REUTERS: Spacey and Back Mobile Content

Two of the biggest names in movies and music, Kevin Spacey and Black Eyed Peas singer, have thrown their weight behind mobile devices as a way to spread new content and interact with fans.